Lightshelf lamp / Deep Black

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Ilsangisang Light Shelf Lamp in deep black. Can be used to mount to the wall or as a table lamp. Put your precious photos, books or accessories on the shelf and it certainly will catch eyes!


Lightshelf lamp Deep Black by Ilsangisang combines the function of a lamp with a wall shelf.  Light Shelf can be used as a table lamp as well as a wall lamp.  Core idea behind Light Shelf is that a lamp still has an emotional and aesthetical function when it is switched off. In order to visualize this, the light beam coming from Light Shelf’s light source has been designed as a bright coloured lamp stand.
Because the lamp stand is made of steel, you can use small magnets to place photo’s or other memorabilia onto Light Shelf. You can use the shelf to store books, or to display your favourite little object under Light Shelf’s spot light.
Lightshelf lamp Deep Black is a creative, multipurpose lamp with a strong conceptual design. So it is perfect for anyone who is looking for flexible lighting solution. Or for an original design gift. The product packaging is attractive,
Light Shelf comes with a E14 warm-white 2800K 5W LED light bulb. So no need to find yourself a light bulb. Light Shelf is really plug and play!
Light Shelf comes in 4 different colour combinations.  The Deep Black lampshade as well as the Space Grey lampshade are both glossy and paired with a bright yellow lamp stand. Perfect if you love Light Shelf’s strong conceptual design. ”Moss Grey” and ”Dusty Rose” are matt in colour. Their lampstands are ivory white in colour. These colours combine nicely with many different home interiors.

If you want to use the wall function: Light Shelf also includes 2 screws and 2 plugs.

Kim Jong Su worked as an art director at graphic and picture book company for ten years. In 2013, he founded Ilsangisang design studio.  Jong Su gets his inspiration from the essence of objects and nature. He translates his inspiration into products with a strong graphic design and visual impact.



Additional Information

Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 27 × 14 × 39.5 cm
Product code



light source included; E14 , warm-white 2800K LED


powder coated steel, high gloss finished polycarbonate

Made in

South Korea

EAN code



yellow, glossy black