DRIPDROP / Coffee Carafe Set 300ml

RRP 67.95


DRIPDROP Coffee Carafe Set 300ml is part of the DRIPDROP collection by TOAST Living.

The concept behind DRIPDROP is “the extraordinary in the ordinary”. The unique feature of this design is the clever use of circle and oval shapes in both glass and porcelain objects. With its friendly shapes and colors, the collection can be matched with any space in different styles.

The DRIPDROP porcelain items use earth colors that remind us the atmosphere of rural countryside. When drinking coffee with DRIPDROP cups, you can surprisingly see the shape of the coffee turning from circle into oval.

The double wall glass dripper is the most remarkable feature of this collection. Suitable for common V60 filter paper, the special rib structure creates a smooth flow rate when brewing. Because the double wall glass acts as isolation material between the coffee and the dripper surface, there is minimal temperature loss during coffee brewing. Also, you can hold it comfortably.

Besides DRIPDROP Coffee Carafe Set 300ml, the TOAST Living DRIPDROP collection also includes other items such as the coffee dripper, coffee server 300 ml and double glass cup 250 ml.

In addition to the DRIPDROP collection, TOAST Living has created several other coffee accessories. You can find them all on our site: we have the largest collection.

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TOAST Living is a design brand from Taiwan. Life is like a piece of toast. You can have it either in plain way, or add different toppings to create different flavors. In the summer of 2007, TOAST Living was born out of this concept. TOAST Living’s design ideas all come from observations in daily life