H.A.N.D/ Coffee Carafe Set 300ml Black

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The H.A.N.D pour over coffee carafe set 300ml black is designed for making pour over coffee. The minimalist black wire dripper is the most remarkable feature of this design. Suitable for common V60 filter paper, the structure holds the filter paper well in place. Because there is minimal contact between the coffee and the dripper surface, there is minimal temperature loss during coffee brewing.

The pour over coffee carafe set 300ml black is part of the H.A.N.D collection by TOAST Living. When we decide to have more relaxed and feel-good day, we sometimes think about making a hand drip coffee. The preparation may take more steps and time, but when a nice coffee is in your hand, you’ll feel satisfied.

Besides the carafe set 300ml, the TOAST Living H.A.N.D Black collection also includes the coffee dripper, kettle 800 ml, carafe 600 ml, a coffee dripper and mug set, and a mug. You prefer the original H.A.N.D collection in copper colour? We also have it for you.

Besides the H.A.N.D collection, TOAST Living has created several other coffee accessories. You can find them all on our site: we have the largest collection.

Interested in tea accessories as well, or other tableware? You are in the right place!

TOAST Living is a design brand from Taiwan. Life is like a piece of toast. You can have it either in plain way, or add different toppings to create different flavors. In the summer of 2007, TOAST Living was born out of this concept. TOAST Living’s design ideas all come from observations in daily life

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