RUBBER BAND / Cup & Saucer 80ml

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This fun Cup & Saucer 80ml is part of the RUBBER BAND collection by TOAST Living.

In 1845, the rubber band was invented as a tool for fixing an object or binding things together. Since then, it has had many different usages. And now, rubber band can be used as an decorative ornament as well.

Taiwanese design studio Biaugust created the RUBBER BAND collection for TOAST Living. In this series, the porcelain tableware seems to become soft ,tender material and also full of elasticity. This imaginative, creative, fun and colorful tableware collection enriches your everyday life.

Besides the RUBBER BAND fun Cup & Saucer 80ml, the collection includes other items: the porcelain teapot , the cup & saucer 80ml, the creamer & sugar pot set and the vase.

In addition to the RUBBER BAND collection, TOAST Living has created several other teaware and coffee accessories. You can find them all on our site: we have the largest collection.

Interested as well in other tableware? You are in the right place!

TOAST Living is a design brand from Taiwan. Life is like a piece of toast. You can have it either in plain way, or add different toppings to create different flavors. In the summer of 2007, TOAST Living was born out of this concept. TOAST Living’s design ideas all come from observations in daily life


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