EVERYDAY SENSE / Essential oil Wednesday

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Essential Oil Wednesday is part of the “EVERYDAY SENSE” collection by TOAST Living. The collection includes 7 different essential oils, capturing the good moments and feelings of each specific week day. With the names from ”Monday” to ”Sunday”, the scent journey takes you through the week.

It goes from 6:20 fresh air on Monday , via good idea moments, to sweet daydreaming on Wednesday. And from cozy feeling at home on Thursday, via cocktail style, to refreshing forest on Saturday. And finishes with weekend sunset on Sunday.

Essential Oil Wednesday ingredients: Roman Chamomile, Bergamot, Grapefruit.

Wednesday – sweat dreaming

Capacity: 10ml

Beautifully packaged, it’s a perfect present: to give and to receive.

Everyday Sense essential oils by TOAST Living. The oils combine optimally with your CASA aroma diffuser. The oils can also be used in combination with your favourite oil burner.

Therefore, with Everyday Sense, you have the perfect blend already created for you. For every day of the week.

TOAST Living is a design brand from Taiwan. Life is like a piece of toast. You can have it either in plain way. Or add different toppings to create different flavors. In the summer of 2007, TOAST Living was born out of this concept. It’s design ideas all come from observations in daily life.

TOAST Living focuses on practical and essential elements of objects. And most importantly, TOAST Living creates great experiences and lots of fun for their users.