Shupatto compact foldable shopping bags are ideal to carry with you on a daily basis . With it’s award-winning one-pull design, it is extremely compact. As a result, it fits almost anywhere. Just pull and roll!  The bag folds up neatly and quickly. Beautiful in shape and easy to use. Using Shupatto compact bag creates an easy and smooth shopping experience.  Therefore, save time, safe the environment, enjoy life!

The Shupatto compact foldable shopping bags are designed by Japanese company Marna. The company began developing bags to fill the market gap for foldable eco-friendly bags. From playful colors to storage capacity, every design element has been carefully considered. In all shapes and sizes. Therefore, Shupatto bags provide a good solution for people struggling to find the ideal bag for their needs,

There’s something Japanese about these bags. At the same time, it’s designs and colours have a universal appeal.

Shupatto’s innovative structure draws its inspiration from the world of fashion. Pull both ends and the bag collapses along the pleating. As a result, it then easily rolls up into a compact bundle. For this innovative concept, Marna received international prizes. Including the Red Dot and iF Design Awards.

Shupatto’s production process ensures minimal fabric wastage. The bags are made of one continuous piece of fabric. The brand designs seamless repeat prints that are continuous tiling of artwork and use every cm of the material.

Shupatto compact foldable shopping bags are machine washable. Therefore easy to keep clean.

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