CARDLE Creative – set of 5 blanc Cardles

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How to fold


Cardle Creative: the creative card that you can fold into a tea light holder. It offers personal warmth for happy occasions and hope in difficult times.

Seeing Cardles light up your day is great. Decorating your own Cardle is even better. Bring out your inner artist and use Cardle Creative as your canvas!

Need some help or inspiration? Use our templates: it’s easy, fun and for free!

Fold Cardle Creative from a flat card into a tea light holder in 3 easy steps. You don’t need scissors or glue. Because Cardle paper is certified fire retardant, you can safely use Cardle with a real tea light.

Mayves specializes in innovative paper products and focuses on affordable and accessible design.  It takes inspiration from aesthetics and children’s creativity in equal measure. Because Mayves feels that the best designs are inspired not just by form and function, but also by play.

Mayves was looking for a way to construct a candle holder from a simple sheet of paper in order to create a special way of bringing a message with a little something extra. Also, a way to convey emotions beyond words. This resulted in ”Cardle”: card and candle holder in one.

The environment is very important to Mayves, and that is why all designs and products are environmentally friendly. They use bio-ink, paper is FSC-certified. The Cardle protective coating is made of natural elements. People with special needs assemble the Cardle collection in a work shop in the Netherlands. 

Cardle is absolutely unique and internationally patented. Made in Holland.

Besides Cardle Creative, there are also many different Cardle design collections available. Because each design collection consists of 3 designs, there is one for every occasion.

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Dimensions 285 × 15 cm
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Cardle Creative 5-pack


fire retardant paper euroclass B

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The Netherlands

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