Mono Portable Reading Lamp – Bright Red

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Mono Portable Reading Lamp Bright Red has an intuitive single button interface: on/off, dimming all in one touch.  Enjoy it’s lovely retro feel!



Don’t you just love the retro vibe that Mono Portable Reading Lamp Bright Red gives?

It has an intuitive single touch sensitive button interface, turning it on/off and dimming all in one touch.

It’s built-in Li-ion cell battery allows for up to 12 hours of reading time. Rechargable via a standard type-C charging plug (charging cable included).

Mono Portable Reading Lamp Bright Red has a light output of 200-300 lumens. It has a 270-degree rotatable light projection angle, so it can serve as reading lamp but also as an ambient light, projecting it’s light onto a wall.

You prefer another color? No problem. Mono Portable Reading Lamp is available in several colors.

Materials: ABS, PC

Input: 5V, 1 A

Made in China

Mono Portable Reading Lamp Bright Red was designed by Notion Studio. ‘’Mono’’ received a Good Design Award 2023.

The design is inspired by the gesture of ancient Chinese terracotta figurines, which is called “Zuo Yi” – a greeting gesture that represents hospitality, kindness and humility.

Notion Studio is an interdisciplinary group of designers with deep expertise in a range of scales, including art direction, product, furniture, interior furnishing and exhibitions designs. Notion Studio uses it’s diverse skillset to develop novel techniques and material usage for unexpected products and interior furnishing.

Fine Lumens is a lighting brand established in 2018. It provides professional decorative lighting solutions for home and business environments, and cooperates with senior independent designers.

Fine Lumens commits to creating artistic light products and new innovations through continuous exploration of light, shadow, geometry and materials.


Additional Information

Weight 1.7 kg
Dimensions 10.7 × 12.1 × 35 cm
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