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Souleaf lamp shade Elm ceiling type is inspired by the elm trees in Central park. Souleaf lamp shade Elm ceiling type combines with many different lamp fittings. So if you are bored with your existing lamp shade, simply replace it with Souleaf lamp shade Elm ceiling type.

Souleaf uses luminescent pigment to show detailed leaf veins. Most importantly, in day time, the pigment absorbs daylight. And when it’s dark, Souleaf glows in the dark.

Furthermore, plants use sunlight in the natural process of photo synthesis. South Korean design studio Ilsangisang visualizes this process with the Souleaf paper art collection.

Souleaf is available as lamp shade, ceiling lamp or 2D wall art. The paper screen prints show leaves from 3 special public places. These are Deoksugung stonewall walkway in Seoul, Champ-de-Mars in Paris, and Central Park in New York City.

The unique leave patterns show beautifully on environment-friendly FSC paper. Besides, the paper is made with recycled green tea, seaweed, and beer waste.

The brightness of the luminescent effect varies depending on where you install Souleaf. Therefore, more exposure to direct sunlight increases the brightness of the glow at night.

Kim Jong Su worked as an art director at graphic and picture book company for ten years. Finally, in 2013, he founded Ilsangisang design studio.  Jong Su gets his inspiration from the essence of objects and nature. He translates his inspiration into products with a strong graphic design and visual impact.